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Interested in Swire Hotels careers? We’d like to hear from you, especially if you have an outgoing personality and you are a unique individual. Our Operations Management Trainee Programme is also a great place to start.

Our People

Our Swire Hotels’ management encourages our team members to be themselves with guests in order to create engaging and intuitive relationships. We don’t believe in lots of rules and regulations; we believe in giving our team the freedom to act and react spontaneously in dealing with each guest’s personal and business needs. We set out to find natural, engaging and intuitive people to create a style of service that is both highly professional, yet relaxed and unstuffy.


Our 18-month  Operations Management Trainee (OMT) programme is designed to attract talented, passionate and enthusiastic graduates to ultimately create potential future leaders. It’s an opportunity to gain high profile exposure across our hotels, both in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

Job Vacancies

The following hotel job vacancies are now accepting applications. If you don’t see any hotel job opportunities that suit your unique skills, send us an email and tell us about yourself.

Want to be one of us? Please send your CV to People Development.
+86 21 3216 8080 .

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